Necklace 11

This is another necklace I have been working on. All the links are the same, so it does not matter if it migrates around. Each link is like a hook, so it can be opened anywhere and added to or made shorter as you wish. Opening the links is a little finicky, but it is a lot of fun to wear, and very light and comfortable once it is on.

Plover Designs necklace 11 in aluminum

Plover Designs Necklace 11 by Designer Colin Boyce, made from recycled aluminum.

Necklace 10

This is an idea I have been working on for a few months. This is the second of this design that I have built. It is a strong statement, and it wears fairly well. It can migrate around and I am working on a version with a weighted center piece to address that issue, but I love the striking simplicity of this design. Made of Recycled Aluminum.

Recycled aluminum necklace by Plover Designs

Plover Designs Necklace 10 in recycled aluminum by designer Colin Boyce


Today, I am making aluminum eyes. This is one of my favorites. They are a bit challenging, but in a way that is exhilarating rather than tedious. And the aluminum is very nice to work with.

I was very skeptical of aluminum at first, but as I worked with it, I realized that the hardness, the surface texture and the weight were really ideal for forming and hammering. Now that I have started making things in aluminum, I notice that there are a lot more things being made in aluminum. It feels as though I am part of a bigger movement when I work in aluminum.

It is light weight and has great surface feel and texture. It is unpretentious and practical, yet beautifully capable of expressing the vision of the artist. I love all the metals, but aluminum is pulling particularly hard on my heart strings these days.

Why I Love Shawl Pins

I love shawl Pins because they are the perfect blend of art and engineering. I also love Boats for the same reason. But I can make a dozen Shawl Pins in a day, and learn from each one. I feel that I have spent enough time building these things that I really understand them. The challenge of creating a fastener that can hold two sides of a garment together, and look beautiful at the same time is really exhilarating. The big, heavy gauge wire is so expressive. Combining that with the light comfort of Aluminum makes the Aluminum Shawl Pin the most personally exciting of my current offerings. I love all the items that I produce, and each one is an important step on my path as an artist, but right now, the driving force of my artistic passion is the Shawl Pin.