Plover Designs

Plover Designs is the collaborative effort of married couple Colin Boyce and Donna Arney. Colin designs and makes all of our offerings, while Donna runs the shop as well as all other marketing and sales related activities.

Colin's love of jewelry began in the 10th grade when he moved to a new high school that offered jewelry as an art class option. He continued to work on jewelry as a hobby until 1989 when he went to work for Jody Coyote, a nationally distributed jewelry company. There he was able to work in Production, Shipping, Customer Service and Design while planning his own jewelry line.

In the decade following, the dollar value of jewelry made in the US fell astronomically due to the explosion of imports from Asia. So, he put his jewelry line on hold and went on with other things.

With renewed interest in local products, an increase in the options for marketing and distribution (specifically through the internet), and the addition of Donna's business experience, we felt the time was right to revisit Colin's dream of an independent jewelry line.

We hope you will enjoy our designs and your experience with our company!